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Making Real Estate Dreams a Reality with JN

Jamaica National continues to provide a full service experience for its members and other customers, especially those living in the Diaspora, through the JN Preferred Lender Partnerships and the JN Real Estate Referral programmes.


Both initiatives help to facilitate the real estate needs of Jamaicans at home and abroad whether they need to purchase a property or to seek out other services for their existing holdings in Jamaica.


Under the Preferred Lender Partnerships programme, JN liaises with developers in Jamaica who have properties on the market. These developers have to satisfy strict criteria to be a preferred lender partner of JN.


JN in return, provides marketing and promotional support and assists local and overseas customers by connecting them with Preferred Lender Partner developments.


Janice McIntosh, chief representative officer with the JN Florida Office says, “this programme has assisted many of our members living here in Florida in finding a solution that is perfect for their needs and ensures that they receive support in completing the mortgage application process.”


Mrs McIntosh also noted that developer partners in the programme “have participated in a number of events organized by the Representative Office in the past that enabled them to engage with potential clients and members of Jamaica National.”


The JN Real Estate Referral programme enables persons to select an approved Realtor to assist them with a property purchase or sale, property management, rental, valuation or survey of their property in Jamaica.


“At present there are over 30 realtors and real estate agencies participating in this programme and they have been actively assisting our members who live in Jamaica, as well as in Florida, with these needs,” Mrs McIntosh explained.


Persons can access these realtors by either visiting the Real Estate Referral page on the JNBS website or by visiting the JN Florida Representative office in Tamarac.


Mrs McIntosh said, “once we receive the request and based on the needs of the member, we will share their details with our team in Jamaica, who then forward the request to a realtor who can assist.”

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