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Make Valentine’s Day at Home Memorable

by Sabriena Simpson

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many people are busy planning the perfect day for their significant other. Some will buy expensive gifts, cards and flowers; some will be going out for dinner, while others will enjoy a combination of all.

But what about those who want to spend the day at home with their partner?  Here are some tips on easy, thoughtful and inexpensive ways to make Valentine’s Day at home memorable.

  1. Candlelight- Candles make for an instant romantic atmosphere. Light candles around the dinner table and bedroom and dim the lights to set the mood for an exceptional evening with each other. Add some sultry music for the icing on the cake!
  2. Dinner- You should know what your partner’s favourite food is, right? More than likely, the items to prepare this meal are tucked away in the cupboard and or refrigerator at home. Take the time out to cook something that you know he/she will definitely enjoy. If you’re not very good in the kitchen, there are always Google and YouTube recipes to the rescue!  He/she will be impressed!
  3. Cocktails/Mocktails- Doing just about any activity with your partner can be a lot of fun. Make drinks together this Valentine’s Day. Cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic) are a lot easier to make than you think. There are several easy-to-make cocktail recipes on the internet. Who knows? You may just reveal your best inner bartender skills!
  4. Sip and paint- Purchase a canvas from the art and craft store, select an image and paint it together while sipping on your home-made drinks. Painting can be a relaxing task and gives you an opportunity to bond with your partner while working as a team.
  5. Spa Day- With all the stressful, mundane tasks of everyday life, we get super exhausted from time to time. Treat your partner to a lovely spa day at home! Choose from a selection of relaxing treats such as manicures, pedicures, massages and facials and pamper your partner.

Making your partner feel loved and appreciated is an unwritten rule of a relationship. If you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, these can be done at any time throughout the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes!

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