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"JN Made it Easy" – JN Member


Owning a home remains one of the chief ambitions for most persons. And while the journey can be rewarding, the process towards homeownership is often challenging and sometimes overwhelming.

For Dr. Remi Ojo, his journey towards home-ownership was made that much easier with the assistance of the JN Canada Representative Office.

Dr. Ojo, who recently acquired a mortgage through the JN Bank, described the process as “an excellent, hassle-free experience”.

He said the team led by Harrington Stephenson, Manager of the JN Canada Representative Office, was helpful, and “guided him every step of the way”.

“It was a painless process. While there was a lot to do, as this was my first time acquiring property in Jamaica, the JN team made it easier. They held my hands throughout the procedure from beginning to end, identifying the necessary documents to be signed and giving me pertinent advice,” he related.

Dr. Ojo, whose wife is Jamaican, said his family would not hesitate to recommend the JN Bank and JN Canada Representative Office to their friends and family.

For Shanique Small-Sterling, a JN member, who has been using the JN Canada Representative Office in Toronto for about ten years, the experience to acquire her home, with the assistance of the Rep Office was also “stress free”.

 “One person who stood out to me throughout the process of applying for a mortgage was Christabelle Douglas. She’s knowledgeable, clear in her explanations and extremely helpful. She provided timely updates every step of the way. She educated me about the process; and, if there was anything I wasn’t clear about she explained it. She was most patient doing all of this,” Mrs. Small-Sterling outlined.

She noted that the steps to complete the mortgage application was quite demanding, based on the nature of the transaction. “You are applying for a mortgage with JN Bank in Jamaica, while living in another country; consequently, everything had to be scanned, signed and verified, hence, it was a challenging process."

“But, to be honest, the JN employees put me at ease. I was very pleased how things turned out, and I would do it all over again," she related, noting that, "I would recommend anyone to JN. Therefore, if you want to purchase a home in Jamaica, and if you’re going for a mortgage, go through JN. If it wasn’t for the help they provided me, I would probably be discouraged and given up on the entire process”.

Mrs. Small-Sterling said she has already recommended JN to some of her friends, based on her experience over the years.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stephenson said, "The team is always willing to walk members through the steps and to facilitate the process by having their internal documents witnessed”.

“While we do not write mortgages at the JN Canada Representative Office, we can witness all the internal documents, such as: declaration of source of funds; change of name forms; addition of name forms; change of address forms and updating accounts,” he said.

The Rep Office Manager explained that having those documents witnessed by the JN Representative Office, will save the member or customer time and money, as often  they would have to access that service through a Notary Public.

“The only document that we do not sign is the Sale Agreement, which is a legal document; and is normally certified by an Officer at the Jamaican Consulate, or any Notary Public,” Mr Stephenson advised.

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